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Fine Art Consult

Are you proud to live in your home? Are you looking for ways to make your home even more beautiful, more enjoyable and entertaining?

An original fine art painting on a wall in your home is like a window of adventure waiting for you to explore. Because our paintings are constructed from life, en plain air,  in a rainforest, on a volcanic rock formation overlooking the ocean, on a busy street bustling with life; you will FEEL the motion and life of each piece. 

As light hits your painting throughout the day, you will notice different colours, strokes and nuances. Owning an original painting provides you hours of enjoyment, appreciation and discovery. 

Celebrini Ocean Watercolour
Celebrini Ocean Watercolour

CELEBRINI Indian Spring
CELEBRINI Indian Spring

Celebrini Rainforest Two Suns
Celebrini Rainforest Two Suns

Celebrini Ocean Watercolour
Celebrini Ocean Watercolour


Maybe you have never purchased original fine art before. Maybe you're an avid collector and you want to know more about our story. Perhaps you only have a small budget but would love to own an original painting. 


Maybe you've envisioned something on your walls but can never visualize what colour, style or size of painting should go on the wall. 


Let us take you on a journey to discover the Celebrini language of  interpreting the world. 

A journey of colour, motion , rhythm, endless creative bursting with life. 


Over the years, we have worked with many patrons virtually and in person to find the best Celebrini original for their homes. We take pride in finding homes for our paintings and finding the perfect paintings for our patrons' homes. 


Each consult and patronage experience is a work of art in itself!  

Give us a call or email and we are happy to set you up with a complimentary virtual or in-person tour of our studio-gallery to discover what fine art means to you and how to bring a Celebrini original home.

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