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The Finest in Original Contemporary Canadian Landscape Paintings 


Introducing Paul Chizik : 


I could speak for hours about the impact Paul Chizik has had on fine art painting in Canada . He is simply the most talented and accomplished painter I have ever come across . Trained in Florence at the renowned Florence Academy of Art Paul applies a relentless personal discipline and intensity to his craft . As a teacher he has guided and developed countless students in the methodology of the old masters however it is as a painter that he has reached heights few will will ever experience and is one of the only contemporary painters that can truly compare his work to the old masters that have inspired and guided us . 


I have had the unique honour and opportunity to learn from Paul and develop a tremendous friendship that has allowed me to be able to watch him and his work develop and progress constantly for over the past 25 years . I have seen his large format work evolve from formative stages , truly great fine art paintings of tremendously high standard of skill and craftsmanship  , moving on and forward to a whole new level of individuality and expression . The unstated goal of all great painters . He has pushed the ‘ rheology’ of painting technique as he would say to unprecedented levels through his mastery , work ethic and really just innate curiosity of the potential inherent in the medium. As I said I could speak for hours about his work and accomplishments  . He is equally adept in watercolour , his drawings and pastels are otherworldly , he is a master of egg tempera and is a constant innovator in his use of materials to achieve his magical effects . He paints all subject matter prodigiously including the portrait which is a category that contains some of his greatest work . He has been extensively collected , has had individual as well as group showings of his work in North America and Europe , has been celebrated in media and has achieved a price point and value with his work that is rare in Canadian art . In short he is a true leader of fine art development in Canada . 


As an outdoor landscape ‘ plein air ‘ painter he is simply unparalleled. Applying his technical mastery to the dramatic subject of the west coast Canadian landscape Paul has attacked his craft and process relentlessly over the past 30 years . He has pushed the limits of both paint and subject matter  . His visual aesthetic language captures the complexity of natural forces in a way that is just rarely seen . Rushing water , forming clouds , the deep light and atmosphere of the rainforest . We have estimated he has produced over 10,000 studies of the nature of western Canada . Here we have selected a very small sample for the enjoyment of our patrons however I can say unequivocally that each piece chosen is a jewel to be appreciated and enjoyed . The work chosen reflects the maturity and spirit of one of Canada’s truly great painters . We look forward to introducing more of Paul’s work to our patrons over the next many years .  

                                                                                              - Randolph Celebrini  May 2022

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