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Bazille's Studio.

An oil painting by the French impressionist Frédéric Bazille painted in collaboration with Édouard Manet in 1870 depicts the artist surrounded by his painter friends including Manet and Renoir. The paintings on the wall are of some up-and-coming young artists that have been rejected by the Salon but are being supported by Bazille.

A view of the city is seen through the floor to ceiling windows. A piano is being played. 

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A studio-gallery has been a time-honoured traditional venue for an artists to showcase their craftsmanship to  their patrons. 

Our studio-galleries have been created exactly to replicate this experience for the modern patron. With the interesting communication tool of our time in the internet,  different from painters from the past, we are able to reach a wider audience across the globe and connect with patrons virtually.  

We love to bring our patrons into the world of creating paintings. 

The process should evoke memories, feelings, tickle the senses and is much like falling in love or seizing a fun opportunity in life. 

A patron is integral to the process of keeping fine art alive. 

We invite you to step into our studio-gallery to experience how fine art is created in the tradition of fine art painters. 

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