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Our Fine Art Gallery and Auction House est 2000 has been developed to provide the opportunity to experience original paintings of the Canadian landscape  . 


How do I make a bid ? 


Click on ‘ bid now ‘ we will receive your bid and you will know within 24 hours if your bid has been accepted 


Can I change my mind ? 


Yes we allow 48 hours for patrons to decide . After this time period you will be required to pay formally ( via ) or your bid will be removed


Are there minimum bids ?


Yes , the idea is to provide patrons with an opportunity to purchase and own original fine art . The artists providing the work will have defined a minimum price point based on their process and materials . The goal is create a win win between the artist and patron. 


What will I receive and when ? 


Shipping usually takes at least 6 weeks and sometimes longer however we will be in constant communication . Your artwork will arrive along with a certificate of authenticity to optimize its investment value. 


Learn more about CFA Gallery and our artists and the process of developing major paintings of the natural Canadian landscape directly x life   . 

A Unique and Authentic Fine Art Experience 



Featuring some of Canada’s premier contemporary Landscape Painters Celebrini Fine Art Gallery celebrates the tradition of painting outdoors in the spectacular nature of Canada.


Established in 2000 Celebrini Fine Art Gallery provides an opportunity and venue for experiencing original contemporary paintings showcased for patrons and collectors passionate about the Canadian landscape. 

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