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The Finest in Original Contemporary Canadian Landscape Paintings 


Introducing Liza Visagie :


Liza Visagie is a master of outdoor plein air landscape painting . She is in fact a true master of her craft . A professional fine art painter for decades she works prolifically in numerous  mediums on varied subject matter. Her studio paintings are pure magic and she is able achieve an absolutely incredible level of realism with a unique and individual language brimming with confidence . She is also a gifted and accomplished teacher , has been extensively collected and has an amazing resume reflecting her commitment as an artist over decades . She has taken no shortcuts to her greatness. I will never forget when I first saw her work she was creating narrative scenes of eery pools with reflected light , deeply moving work , and I knew I was looking at a very special talent . 


However it is in the outdoors that I find her work most mind blowing . Her language of nature reflects a deep passion and commitment to her craft along with just an extremely high level of talent and intelligence she was obviously gifted with . As well she quite obviously loves working in nature. Together with Mr Paul Chizik they have spent countless hours trudging hills , scouting , sketching and producing . I have had the pleasure of being part of some of these sessions . Like Paul , Liza works relentlessly to push her work . The sheer volume of work she has produced outdoors for me lends true credibility however as always with fine art the magic is in the poetry and sensitivity both of which Liza has in abundance. Her language is so uniquely hers and so accomplished it is always a treat to experience . 


I know this dramatic collection we have selected for our spring auction will be enjoyed by anyone passionate about nature or oil painting . 

                                                                   - Randolph Celebrini May 2022

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